• Wesley Mission Red Bag Appeal charity night
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    Craig McKim
Wesley Mission Red Bag Appeal charity night

McKims has recently been involved in the Wesley Mission Red Bag appeal which provides a Christmas celebration in a bag to families. For thousands of families and individuals across Queensland, Christmas will pass unremarked and uncelebrated. After paying for rent and basic utilities, many of these families are barely getting by, with nothing left over for a Christmas meal. McKims designed a ring for the event with a Christmas theme of red and green nicely fitting the atmosphere to raise as much money as possible. 

Andrea and Craig both loved working with the organisation for such an important cause as well as giving back to the community. The night was a great success with the ring contributing to raising over $100,000 for the Red Bag appeal. 

The ring as pictured is a Green tourmaline, Ruby and Diamond ring with a yellow gold band.



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    Craig McKim

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