• A Love Story
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    Andrea McKim
A Love Story

In 1964, a young man contemplates the perfect gift for his bride-to-be for their upcoming wedding day. The night before attending an auction, he dreams of a diamond brooch. The next morning, he sees listed on the auction program, there is a diamond brooch and he knows he just has to have it! 

He presents this beautiful gift to his new bride on their wedding day. She wears it on her wedding dress and it is treasured for many years.

Unfortunately some years later the brooch is stolen. 

Fast forward to 2014 and about to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, this loving husband once again contemplates the perfect gift for his wife. He commissions Craig McKim to recreate the diamond brooch. Working from the only image of the brooch, the 1964 wedding photo, Craig creates an exact replica, reproducing this stunning piece of jewellery.



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    Andrea McKim

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