• Why do diamonds have certificates?
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    Craig McKim
Why do diamonds have certificates?

Have you ever wondered why diamonds have certificates? You may be aware of the 4Cs - carat weight, colour, clarity and cut. These determine the value of a diamond and there are international standards for grading of the 4Cs. Whilst carat weight and the quality of the cut are measured and calibrated by machine, determining colour and clarity gradings are done by human eye - trained and experienced diamond graders, using a 10X magnification loupe.

So how do you know if this grading is accurate? A certificate of diamond grading can give you peace of mind, however, a diamond certificate is only of any worth if it comes from a reputable, established and industry-approved diamond grading laboratory. Diamonds can be treated to improve the visual appearance and this must be disclosed as it will dramatically affect the value of the diamond. Beware, if you are considering buying diamonds or jewellery online, the diamond grading may not be accurate according to industry standards and the quality of workmanship of jewellery varies greatly.

How do you know who to trust? Craig McKim is not only a master jeweller, he is a qualified gemmologist and jewellery valuer with the knowledge and expertise to source beautiful gemstones for your personalised jewellery design - that's peace of mind!

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    Craig McKim

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